Coffee - Not Just For Mornings

by Bob Stiles - Exclusively for

When we wake up in the morning, most of us love a boost to get us up and running. Even people who are referred to as "morning people" are simply masters of the waking up ritual. The ritual for most of us typically involves a light breakfast, the morning newspaper or television program, some juice and a couple of cups of good coffee. Nothing has quite the same effect on us as a bold, strong cup of coffee as we begin our day. For coffee lovers, drinking this amazing brew isn't just for the morning hours. No matter how you brew it, in a pot, instant, popping in your favorite K-cup, coffee is great. Have you ever noticed how crowded the local coffee shops are all through the day? Have you seen the statistics on how many Keurig K-Cups get sold every week? This is goes to show you that people all over love their coffee, any time of the day!

In the past, your coffee choices were limited, but not anymore. Even the grocery stores carry coffee in a variety of flavors, grinds, and methods including the new pods and K-cups. You can buy gourmet and imported designer coffees right next to Folgers. Most are fantastic for making anything from a strong cup of espresso to a standard "Good Morning" cup of coffee.

One thing that makes coffee one of America's favorite beverages is the huge level of customization you can have with a cup. It makes it not only a delicious drink but also gives you the opportunity to create a unique blend of your own. Like a family recipe, you are able to concoct a different coffee drink using a variety of coffee creamers and a variety of syrups. Some people like to have sugar, some people like cream, a bit of cinnamon and even a dash of vanilla extract. Half and Half is my favorite in a hot cup of coffee but Iced coffee tastes wonderful with a splash of flavored creams.

When it comes to purchasing coffee, the possibilities are endless. You can buy it ground if you like the convenience of opening the can and just putting it right in the filter, or for the freshest cup of coffee, you'll want to buy a coffee grinder and whole coffee beans, and grind your own. No matter how you make or drink your coffee, it's an experience that can tailored to suit yourself, at home or in your local coffee shop. I love coffee, and if you do too, you know that it's a wonderful way to perk yourself up any time of the day.